ATiO Conference 24 w/ Tobias Winkler

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At the ATiO Conference 2024, Prof. Tobias Winkler showcased the innovative PROTO Project,  aiming to transform the treatment of early-stage osteoarthritis with advanced anti inflammatory therapies and personalized interventions.  

The ATiO Conference is a unique and exclusive gathering of key opinion leaders from all  fields and professions in the realm of advanced therapies in orthopaedics.  His active contribution in the “Research vs. Reaction” segment exemplified the dynamic  exchange – the format is a dynamic method that merges scientific research with industry  expertise in orthopaedic therapies. Researchers present their latest findings in a concise,  seven-minute talk, followed by a three-minute response from an industry expert. This setup  fosters a robust exchange, aiming to deepen the understanding of the practical applications  and implications of new discoveries. It’s designed to enhance dialogues between the fields,  contributing significantly to the development and application of orthopaedic advancements. 

Here, the fusion of academic research with industry insights underscored ATiO’s dedication to  pushing the boundaries of orthopaedic therapy, mirroring the innovative spirit of the PROTO initiative.