First Annual meeting

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PROTO partners met in Salzburg on 27th February 2024 for the First Annual meeting to share the advancements achieved in the first year and discuss on the challenges ahead.

The event gathered all partners,  leaders in various fields such as orthopaedics, omics, cellular immunology, molecular biomarkers, physiology, biomechanics, and stem cell biology, other than the project management partner, the patient representative for rheumatic diseases and Patient Research Partners from Deutsche Rheuma Liga.

At the heart of PROTO collaborative effort is the mission to address inflammation, the pivotal factor in the progression of Osteoarthritis.

Together, we are actively engaged in groundbreaking clinical studies addressing osteoarthritis therapy and prevention.

A significant milestone on our horizon is the initiation of a first-in-human phase I/IIa study. This study focuses on patients with moderate knee osteoarthritis and investigates the promising anti-inflammatory PLX-PAD cell therapy.

Simultaneously, we are implementing an innovative, high-level personalized sensor- and app-based training intervention for patients in the pre-stage of osteoarthritis. This multifaceted approach underscores our commitment to addressing the complex facets of this debilitating condition.

Integral to our project are cutting-edge ancillary studies aimed at defining immune-mediated mechanisms both in and ex vivo. Additionally, our initiative seeks to identify a spectrum of biomarkers, including immunologic, metabolic, genetic, and MRI-based morphologic markers. This comprehensive approach enables precise patient stratification, a crucial step towards more effective and personalized interventions.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to forge ahead in our pursuit of advancing scientific knowledge and improving patient outcomes.